Breathe on 9/11

“They jumped to escape the smoke and the fire; they jumped when the ceilings fell and the floors collapsed; they jumped just to breathe once more before they died.” ~ Tom Junod (Esquire Magazine 2003) talking about 9/11 victims in the upper floors of the World Trade Center.

“TO BREATHE ONCE MORE BEFORE THEY DIED.” That phrase speaks to a very deep part of my soul. It is the thing we human beings have in common; more than nationality, religion, or any cultural pride. We breathe this air. Our air. Air that has been marvelously contained around this floating, orbicular ornament. We are NOT without it; nothing, as empty and as not as the vast dark nothingness that surrounds our tiny blue marble.

Maybe we take the day not to bang drums or praise Gods or point fingers or wave flags. Maybe we take the day to breathe and share the air… with everyone.

WTC memorial

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