Take my Bard-Core Verse Workshop!

Interested in improving your Shakespeare?
Check out my 4 part Bard-Core Verse Workshop!
The course is designed for all levels of experience with verse. Actors that have had many years performing Shakespeare will find this tremendously helpful to take your work to the next level and those of you with just a taste of it will find this work to be a handy and economical way of getting into the language and making confident choices. Though this is not primarily an “audition” workshop it will help you enormously with your audition monologues. However, the primary end result is to give you the tools for improving and building confidence in ALL of your future work, not just one monologue at a time. If you are interested in audition coaching, I do offer that on the side. That being said, taking this workshop will put you miles ahead in the process.
What’s it about? It’s surprisingly simple. schwaderShakespearean verse is written in a fairly straightforward code, but most people are either simply unaware of that code or don’t take the time to see the code in front of them. Once I take you through the steps of deciphering this rhetorical structure, you’ll not only have a faster way of comprehending a piece of text that is new to you, but it will be more fun than just the laborious work of learning a new piece.
There will be 4 classes in the span of 3 weeks. The first 2 sessions will be back to back days. The next two sessions will fall consecutively by the week. I have 2 separate groups due to high interest.
WEEK 1: Friday Feb.14th: 6pm-10pm and Saturday Feb, 15th: 6pm-10pm
WEEK 2: Sat. Feb. 22nd: 6pm-10pm
WEEK 3: Sat. March 1st: 6pm-10pm

WEEK 1: Sunday Feb.16th: 5pm-19pm and Monday Feb, 17th: 6pm-10pm
WEEK 2: Mon. Feb. 24th: 6pm-10pm
WEEK 3: Mon. March 3rd: 6pm-10pm
The price for the course is $175. I am requesting a deposit of $75 to secure your spot. Deposits are non-refundable. The remaining $100 will be due on or before your first session. No refunds if you are unable to complete the course for any reason.If you’d like to join the fun, contact me HERE!Hamlet